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Activities for Mediterranean Incentives & Conferences

¤ Go sailing or .....................................ballooning!

¤ Go hiking and canyoning for your DMC team building

¤ Drive Wonderful Classic Cars for Great Mallorca Experiences
Classic Sports Car Excursions Magicmed.com in MallorcaMagicmed.com Classic Car Tours

Porsche 911, Austin Healey, Ferrari 308, Jaguar E Type, Volvo P1800, Triumph TR4, Morgan +8, VW Carmangia         
¤ Mallorca DMC teambuiling in Classic cars. Enjoy an excursion with 20 classic car drivers. Add a Mallorca incentive and conference or meeting to the event.

¤ High on the list of Mallorca experiences is cooking local food with a Michelin Chef
¤ Organize Corporate Beach Olympics at Mallorca, Ibiza and Barcelona incentives and conferences
¤ Your company can help save the world, create jobs and stop Global Warming. Attend top sustainability seminars and evolve with  CSR-projects.

¤ Talk to us about banners, shows, content, activities, games, excursions, sustainability and CSR-projects, motivational seminars and more!
¤ Build incentives and conferences, around village fiestas, such as harvesting in the vineyards
¤ Play in Golf tournaments or organize your own corporate or client trophies
¤ Learn the art of conserving old buildings, paintings, sculptures and cultures

¤ Go hiking in the mountains on a DMC team building theme       with yoga breaks, picnics and bonfires
¤ Throw a beach party and make paella with fishermen on the beach
¤ Visit ecological plants, farms, wineries and sustainable building projects.

¤ Mallorcan brandy and chocolate is a fine tasting experience. Visit the cellars where the aged brandy is made.


¤ Visit the supremely fine Mallorcan wine country by train or by bike and enjoy an exquisite experience.
¤ Enroll your company to learn about sustainability and save the planet in  CSR-projects.
¤ Our corporate events will get you top results for product launches, education, team building and more!

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At our Mallorca events the world gets fullfilled. It's important to see that