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DE LUXE HOTELS Mallorca, Ibiza and Barcelona are perfect for meetings, seminars, group events and teambuilding. Just in Mallorca we have over 1000 hotels on an area of 3.640 square kilometres in which to plan events, incentives and group activities! Many of Mallorca's  hotels are exceptionally lovely 4 and 5 star locations that are worth every penny. Luckily, Magicmed.com can offer you the best deals available for your group in Mallorca, Ibiza and Barcelona. ASK US

Fortunately, our tailor made  event programmes can include several wonderful 3 star alternatives too. We can match facilities and budgets that fit most corporate enquiries for Mallorca meetings and seminars. If your group is plus 300 participants our offers for three nights including food, drink and transfer, but no flights, start as low as around 200€ per person

Add CSR-projects to your programme. Develop your team's ultimate potential while making  the Planet Green.Email us a question!
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As a major DMC, Magicmed is notiofied by many hotels regarding flat spots in their occupancy schedules. Flat spots mean lower prices. Let us search amongst the quality hotels we know and trust for great rates and services to suit you.
Apart from meetings and seminars, fabulous food and excellent local wines are another important reason for choosing Mallorca, Ibiza and Barcelona above other destinations. Finally with 300 plus days of sunshine a year Mallorca and Ibiza is sure to leave you with warm memories!

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