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Mallorca CSR Corporate Social Responsibility
Take your company to a better future.
Your team CAN help save the planet and create new jobs. Your company is in fact able to fight Climate Change before the world leaders even try.
Mallorca Magicmed.com's CSR project 'Make-A-Life' collaborates with a team of top speakers making it possible for your business to help produce soil, food, jobs and climate change on the planet.
The challenges of the future are here and business is changing everywhere. Be part of the solution. Come to Mallorca for your Corporate Event and include a visit to our 'Make-A-Life' ecological farming projects.
Let top evolutionary speakers teach your team how to create new economic models, create jobs, provide sustainable options and make a positive climate change.
The Mallorca speakers Dr Serge Beddington-Behrens, Dr Elisabet Sahtouris Dr James B. Rieley and Paul Betts among others, will provide you with the keys to the future.
Taste the great produce obtained from ecological farming in Mallorca and find out how being sustainable and creating new soil is going to help change everything for the better.
'Make-A-Life' creates top Mallorca meetings and seminars with a wide variety of educational aspects and experiences. Enjoy important futurist talks on subjects such as 'Creating New Jobs while Promoting Sustainability' and mix the learning with fantastic group activities, such as a food tasting excursion by bike or harvesting grapes to make top wines.
Be motivated by great Mallorca DMC team building coaches and inspired by great speakers on subjects like 'Combining Rationality with Heart In Business'. Be one of the pioneer companies to eradicate the risk of Global Warming. Come to the mini-farms in Mallorca that are part of our sustainability project.At our 'Make-A-Life' minifarms in Mallorca, businesses are instructed to teach all nations to remove greenhouse gases and sequestre the carbon in the soil, promote sustainability and self-sufficiency while producing great local food.

Take your company to a better future. Join 'Make-A-Life' CSR projects in Mallorca!