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Mallorca DMCMeeting in Mallorca, Ibiza and Barcelona is magical.
Magicmed.com creates tailor made events for both corporate and private groups.
Our exemplary planning and our destinations'  stunning scenery and exquisite venues prompted Pharmacia, VW, Cisco, Siemens, Hemma, Mac Support, Lagercrantz and many other companies engage our services to organise tailor made events for them.
Ace Conference Content + Great Experiences = Inspiration!
IMG 1261[2]Your Business Can
Help Save The Planet
Many corporations are experiencing a hard time  adjusting to a new world with broken economies, climate change and shrinking food resources.There is a great need now to discuss where the changes are leading. What can we realistically expect of the future? What can we do to push everything towards a positive outcome?
Magicmed.com has the speakers that can educate your company
We know you will be immensely inspired by our evolutionary Mallorca CSR-projects with top Mallorca sustainability seminars.
Your company can learn how to create new ecological jobs, feed the planet and help eradicate the risk of climate change all over the world with our assistance.

Relaxation and Enjoyment Too
Don't forget to add lots of fun! Magicmed DMC team building activities are an important asset to the internal discussions, the seminars and the CSR-projects.
Take off on exhilarating group activities such as canyoning in the mountains, zip gliding or para gliding, ballooning, kite surfing, stand up paddle, sailing classic ships, attending Beach Olympics and more.
Mallorca DMC team buioldingAsk us to organize great parties for your group's enjoyment too. Themed events such as a Pirate Party, Maffiosos or 007 will be a hit at any Mallorca incentive and conference. Fancy an Indiana Jones adventure, a White party, a Hollywood party, a Carnival theme or perhaps another local Mallorca fiesta? Join in during the harvesting at a prized bodega with excellent wines for exceptional Mallorca DMC team building. Savour fantastic local gourmet food and wine, go truffle hunting, enjoy good entertainment and fascinating cultural experiences and, of course, have lots of pure fun in the warm sun!

Mallorca event venues

We specialize in giving you Mallorca, Ibiza and Barcelona experiences .
Magicmed DMC plans every detail of your corporate or private group activities from Palma, keeping you in the loop all the way. We are fortunate to enjoy more than 300 days of sunshine a year.

Mallorca meetings and seminars
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Corporate Events
Do you have a product to launch or are you celebrating a jubilée? Our island is the ideal place to invite the press and your sales forces to discover your product. Talk to us about your corporate events. We will plan all stages of your events and experiences for you. Magicmed.com will supply your group with its own project manager in order to maintain the contacts with outside organizers and providers for your Mallorca group activities and experiences. This ensures a maximum of efficiency and safety. Naturally we will keep you fully informed all the way!                                          
¤ Organize group activities such as Gourmet cycling trips
¤ Celebrate and sample wines in a Wine Cathedral with Mallorca DMC team building and fun.
¤ Learn how to make Top Tapas during your Mallorca incentives and conferences

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